How to Design an Arch Linux Logo

If you are designing a logo for the Arch Linux operating system, you should adhere to the guidelines provided in this trademark policy. First, you must include a trademark declaration in your design. Second, you should scale the logo to maintain its proportions. Third, you should create a monochrome version for certain situations, like on a busy background. Lastly, you should always give due credit to the Arch Linux project and let others use the changes that you make free of charge.

HQ Arch Linux transparent illustrations

The HQ Arch Linux logo is available for download in a number of formats. This PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image features a transparent background and is available in 1011×1010 resolution. This image can be used in personal projects and as a cool sticker on social media. Designed by Umwhigjgswe, this file is available for personal use. Please, remember to credit the source if you use it for commercial purposes.

HQ Arch Linux hex colors

Did you know that Arch Linux has 2 hex colors? These colors are 1793d1 and 333333. These are the brand colors for Arch Linux. Use these colors for your web design or share them with friends! To learn more, check out the online community. They have a great color picker and you can share them with anyone! To learn more about Arch Linux colors, read on!